Saturday, July 11, 2009

Microsoft: Fighting on many fronts

Microsoft has been facing challenges from many of its competetors including Adobe and Google. Just few months ago Adobe released a Flash-based Media Player called Adobe Media Player, which is an online and offline player that is capable of tagging, rating, and sharing videos. Google also tried to challenge the monoply of Microsoft's Internet Explorer by launching Chrome, though it failed to cause any serious damage to Internet Explorer's Market share. Google has also ventured into Operating system domain in which Microsoft rules. By announcing to launch Chrome OS they became the competetors of Microsoft in internet OS market. Microsft had announced earlier this year that they have the plans to introduce internet OS, which they have named Gezelle.

But Microsft is not sitting quitely and it bit back by releasing a Flash competitor called Silverlight. It also tried to improve its share in search engine market but their rebranding attempts have failed to increase Microsoft search engine market share. As only msn users and live user switched to Bing.

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