Saturday, July 25, 2009

What is Jailbreak / jailbreaking ?

what is jailbreaking ? Jail breaking is actually a privilege escalation. To understand the jailbreak we will first have to understand privilage escalation. In Privilage escalation a bug or design flaw in a software application is exploited to gain access to resources which normally would have been protected from an application or user. The result is that the application performs actions with more privileges than intended by the application developer or system administrator.

Jailbreaking allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to run unofficial code on their devices bypassing Apple's official distribution mechanism, thus allowing them to install thirdparty applications previously unavailable through the App Store using unofficial installers such as Cydia and Icy.

There are a wide range of programs available for jailbroke phones including , mediaplayers, plug-ins, utilitiy programs, themes, and more. And these phones can still access the App Store.

NOTE: Jailbreaking voids your warranty.

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